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Patrick Mirucki

Patrick Mirucki, President of VK Media & Internet Services, LLC, sums up his philosophy about the video production and internet business when he says, "Hey Babe! Lets Do It !"

Mr. Mirucki has been doing it in New Jersey since he fell in love with the blues scene in Asbury Park in the early 80's and created The Underground Café for CTN (the Cable Television Network of New Jersey) to cover the burgeoning talent that sprung from this area and spread throughout the Metropolitan area.

Mr. Mirucki went on to become the General Manager for OBC-TV, a commercial/public access channel in Northeastern New Jersey where he developed local programming for the surrounding twelve communities. The shows covered everything from sports to the acclaimed Meet the Mayor, as well as his beloved music scene.

Mr. Mirucki became great friends with all-around entertainer, Mark Dacey. He could sing'em and play'em straight, or blend his Hot Tuna guitar licks into a Rock'n Roll version of the Victor Borge Show. Mark's show, The Mark Dacey Show-Unsigned, was a showcase for his unique talent as well as a vehicle for the volume of talent throughout New Jersey.

Uncle Floyd, New Jersey's crown prince of comedy for over twenty years, invaded the OBC-TV studios in the late eighties with his zany cast of supporting players.

Mark Dacey
Mark Dacey
Uncle Foyd
Uncle Floyd
The Uncle Floyd Show flourished on OBC-TV and helped launch two additional shows, one of which reflected Pat's continuing interest in the local music scene. Local, Live Licks with Uncle Floyd helped promote some of New Jersey's local talent and featured guest artists from the Major record companies. It was produced at the Facility of Power Play Music Television. Uncle Floyd's New Jersey presented a walking tour of residential and business communities throughout New Jersey.  Uncle Floyd plays piano every Tuesday evening at Colucci's in Haldon, New Jersey
Anyone who was alive and well and tuning in to Channels 20 and 36 on the TCI and Suburban cable systems in the mid-90s at eleven o'clock on a Saturday night, were witnessing local cable TV history in the making with a show directed by Patrick Mirucki. The 11th Hour, the brainchild of Mugsy, from The Uncle Floyd Show, was a 3 hour live show that went one step further than Saturday Night Live. No topic was too taboo, no public personality was too revered, no catastrophe too great, no headline so important that they could escape the twisted comic scrutiny of the Uncle Floyd alumni. The 11th Hour became labeled the most dangerous show. The 11th Hour, like many of the other OBC-TV programs, gave promising young talent a chance to do their stuff. Some had great stage presence, like Karon Brandt. Mugsy
Karon Brandt
Karon Brandt
Pat talked Karon Brandt into hosting her own Blues show, The Blues with Karon Brandt to show off her talent and to further explore the ever-expanding New Jersey blues scene. Pat persuaded, friend and fellow blues fanatic (and booking agent), Jim Signorini to join the show. Jim helped The Blues with Karon Brandt go statewide with his ability to draw such legendary figures as B.B. King to the show.

In 1992, Mr. Mirucki saw the need for a movie review show. A mutual friend introduced him to movie fanatic and self-confessed 'closet film historian', Greg Murray. With the help of staff producer, Mike Doyle, they launched Film Flicks & Video Pix. Greg introduced clips, sound bites, and featurettes, often linking them together to stress the points of view of the writers and directors. He recommended videos of older films that reflected similarities in writing, directing, acting, theme, historical perspective, or good old-fashioned entertainment value. In 1993, Film Flicks & Video Pix was seen in twenty-nine states, and as far away as Trinidad. In 1997, Greg was invited to join The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA).

In the early 90's Mr. Mirucki realized the Internet Explosion was a reality that could not be avoided. Designing and Hosting Websites for small businesses and creating a cyberspace neighborhood was the next logical step for VK Media & Internet Services, LLC. The outgrowth of Mr. Mirucki's interests and his continuing association with the multi-talented people from his years in TV and video production are reflected in the links in the Web Group area of the site.

Continuing his penchant for breaking new ground in new media, Mr. Mirucki has partnered with Bob Gonzo to produce the Bob Gonzo Show on Comedy Mondays . This invovated webcast is a mix of sketch comedy and stand up comedy. It is streamed monthly at 8PM eastern.
Randi Lupo
Randi Lupo
In addition to all the video production that Mr. Mirucki produces he also works with rising comedians in the stand up comedy field. Comedian Randi Lupo along with Mr. Mirucki produces a monthly comedy show entitled Pats Place 4 Comedy which features some of the tri state's top comedic talent.

Click here for a list of some of the Luminaries who've appeared on various VK Media produced shows.